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    Hey, I'm Vincent Moretto Musician - Composer - Soundman
    Welcome to my lair

Overtake the altered state of consciousness, begin your last trip to where the sun never rises

- NightCreepers -


Graduated from ATLA Music School and SAE Institute, foremost musician,
my very first passion is to compose and transfer atmospheres & feelings into music.

Working on Logic Pro X and at ease with ProTools, Nuendo & Reaper

Composition, Mix in the box, Signal flow console
150+ tracks projects (folk/world, orchestral, metal, electronic genres).


Editing, arrangement, mixing & mastering
Actually quite flexible with several kind of music and enthusiast with any type of audiovisual project.

Ambient, folk/world, rock, metal, orchestral, electro/EDM, chiptune

Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 - Yamaha MSP5 - iMac OSX - BSS Audio AR-133
M-Audio 61ES - Irish Bouzouki - Kramer Paul Dean - Agile Septor Elite 8S - Chapman Ghost Fret - Ibanez SDGR-5
Fractal Audio Axe-FX II - MESA rectifier cab

For any use of my music or if you simply need my services, feel free to

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We put aside - all the manners, all the means - Because tonight will bring the essence of our kind.

- NightCreepers -

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Send an email to vincent.moretto@nightcreepers-official.com