Welcome in NightCreepers' lair

The Hreidd’s Path (lyric video)

Hey there!

Only two days left before the release of our 3rd album, « HREIDD ».
For the occasion, we are now revealing one tune plus the new expanded map of our world.

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NIGHTCREEPERS – « Hreidd » teaser II


It’s been more than two years since we released our second album « ALPHA ».
The guild has grown and we can’t wait to share all the new material with you guys. But for now here is what we promised: the second teaser which reveals the final artwork plus your (last) delay before hearing the new NIGHTCREEPERS’ vibes.
Hreidd is coming !


Thanks for your support, stay strong!

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NIGHTCREEPERS – « Hreidd » teaser I

First teaser of NIGHTCREEPERS’ new upcomping album: « Hreidd ».

Audio extracts:
1 – NightCreepers – Alpha: reloaded
2 – NightCreepers – Death to the Hypocrite
3 – NightCreepers – The Hreidd’s Path
4 – NightCreepers – Aeon’s Race
5 – NightCreepers – Vanghor the Bastard
6 – NightCreepers – Alpha: reloaded

The next trailer may expose some other new songs, the full artwork and a release date.
Stay tuned !

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